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Friday, October 21, 2011

JOIN the FIGHT Against Breast Cancer, RAISE AWARENESS and 'FUND the CAUSE'...

With A Family History of Breast Cancer, ...It's a Monthly Ritual for me, doing Self Breast Exams at home and by my Gynecologist when I get my annual Woman Health Exam. I Encourage my dear Friends & Family—near and far to do the Same. Many Wonderful Survivors are living Proof that Early Detection HELP Save Lives.
*My AUNT is a 5yr survivor now.
*Even my DAD had to battle Prostate Cancer—he won!
*My MOM had a Benign Cyst Removed from her Breast.
*Several others family members are no longer with us.

…"Today we're surviving!"

Support the Cause when you Shop *Online Stores , *Grocery Store , *Department Store , *Pharmacy or wherever. Organizations are offering Breast Cancer Support or Pink Items for Purchase which Proceeds go towards Early Screening, Access to Treatment and Research for a Cure."
**Even MEN are Diagnosed with BREAST CANCER** I had 2 MALE PATIENTS Diagnosed 11yrs ago. (Mt. Sinai Cancer Treatment Center) SHOCKED!! BREAST CANCER AFFECTS US 'ALL' ...Support this Worthy Cause and get Involved in your own health and your Family's. 

**MANY WHO DO NOT HAVE A 'FAMILY HISTORY‘ of Breast Cancer DIE from this Disease.** There are so many SURVIVORS who have **No Family History of Breast Cancer**Join the Fight, Spread Awareness & Fund the Cause! Access to Care , Affordable Treatment , Preventive Screening and Support , Research for a CURE , Better Treatment, Programs and Resources for Low Income Patients, their Family & Caregivers.
*EARLY DETECTION HELP SAVE MANY LIVES!*Encourage Friends, Lover, FamilySpouse & Neighbor  to do Breast Self-Exams monthly (preferably after their menstrual Cycle) and have their Annual Physical & WELL WOMAN EXAM.  "SPREAD THIS VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE IF YOU REALLY CARE! "The life you save may be your Mother, Daughter, Spouse, Love One or ‘YOUR OWN’.
(Over 200,000 New Breast Cancer Cases Diagnosed yearly)